Publications of 2014

. Role of soil moisture in the amplification of climate warming in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East
Authors: Zittis, G, P. Hadjinicolaou and J. Lelieveld
Published: Clim. Res. 59, 27-37
. Comparison of WRF Model Physics Parameterizations over the MENA-CORDEX Domain
Authors: Zittis G., Hadjinicolaou P. and Lelieveld J.
Published: American Journal of Climate Change, 3, 490-511
. Summertime free-tropospheric ozone pool over the eastern Mediterranean/Middle East
Authors: Zanis, P., Hadjinicolaou, P., Pozzer, A., Tyrlis, E., Dafka, S., Mihalopoulos, N., and Lelieveld, J.
Published: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 14, 115-132
. On the linkage between the Asian summer monsoon and tropopause fold activity over the eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East
Authors: Tyrlis, E., B. Skerlak, M. Sprenger, H. Wernli, G. Zittis and J. Lelieveld
Published: J. Geophys. Res. 119
. ORACLE: a module for the description of ORganic Aerosol Composition and Evolution in the atmosphere
Authors: Tsimpidi, A.P., V.A. Karydis, A. Pozzer, S.N. Pandis and J. Lelieveld
Published: Geosci. Model Dev. 7, 3153-3172
. Physically based dynamic run-out modelling for quantitative debris flow risk assessment: a case study in Tresenda, northern Italy
Authors: Quan Luna, B., Blahut, J., Camera, C., van Westen, C.J., Apuani, T., Jetten, V., Sterlacchini, S.
Published: Env. Earth Sci. 72:645-661
. Radiative signature of absorbing aerosol over the eastern Mediterranean basin
Authors: Mishra, A.K., Klingmüller, K., Fredj, E., Lelieveld, J., Rudich, Y., and Koren, I.
Published: Atmos. Chem. Phys. 14, 7213-7231
. Intercomparison and evaluation of aerosol microphysical properties among AeroCom global models of a range of complexity
Authors: Mann, G.W., K.S. Carslaw, C.L. Reddington, K.J. Pringle, M. Schulz, A. Asmi, D.V. Spracklen, D.A. Ridley, M.T. Woodhouse, L.A. Lee, K. Zhang, S.J. Ghan, R.C. Easter, X. Liu, P. Stier, Y.H. Lee, P.J. Adams, H. Tost, J. Lelieveld, S.E. Bauer, K. Tsigaridis, T.P.C. Noije, A. Strunk, E. Vignati, N. Bellouin, M. Dalvi, C.E. Johnson, T. Bergman, H. Kokkola, K. von Salzen, F. Yu, G. Luo, A. Petzold, J. Heintzenberg, A. Clarke, J.A. Ogren, J. Gras, U. Baltensperger, U. Kaminski, S.G. Jennings, C.D. O’Dowd, R.M. Harrison, D.C.S. Beddows, M. Kulmala, Y. Viisanen, V. Ulevicius, N. Mihalopoulos, V. Zdimal, M. Fiebig, H.-C. Hansson, E. Swietlicki and J.S. Hentig
Published: Atmos. Chem. Phys. 14, 4679-4713
. Profile information on CO from SCIAMACHY observations using cloud slicing and comparison with model simulations
Authors: Liu, C., Beirle, S., Butler, T., Hoor, P., Frankenberg, C., Jöckel, P., Lelieveld, J.
Published: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 14(3), 1717-1732
. Model projected heat extremes and air pollution in the eastern Mediterranean and Middle East in the 21st century
Authors: Lelieveld, J., P. Hadjinicolaou, E. Kostopoulou, C. Giannakopoulos, A. Pozzer, M. Tanarhte and E. Tyrlis
Published: Reg. Env. Change, 14, 1937-1949
. Impact of natural aerosols on atmospheric radiation and consequent feedbacks on the meteorological and photochemical state of atmosphere
Authors: Kushta, J., G. Kallos, S. Solomos, M. Astitha, C. Spyrou, C. Mitsakou and J. Lelieveld
Published: J. Geophys. Res. 119, 1463-1491
. Spatial and temporal patterns of recent and future climate extremes in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region
Authors: Kostopoulou, E., C. Giannakopoulos, M. Hatzaki, A. Karali, P. Hadjinicolaou, J. Lelieveld and M.A. Lange
Published: Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci. 14, 1565-1577
. Sensitivity of aerosol extinction to new mixing rules in the AEROPT submodel of the ECHAM5/MESSy1.9 atmospheric chemistry (EMAC) model
Authors: Klingmüller, K., B. Steil, C. Brühl, H. Tost and J. Lelieveld
Published: Geosci. Model Dev. 7, 2503-2516
. On the temporal and spatial variation of ozone in Cyprus
Authors: Kleanthous, S., Vrekoussis, M., Mihalopoulos, N., Kalabokas, P., Lelieveld, J.
Published: Science of the Total Environment, 476–477 (2014) 677–687
. The MESSy aerosol submodel MADE3 (v2.0b): description and a box model test
Authors: Kaiser J. C., J. Hendricks, M. Righi, N. Riemer, R. A. Zaveri, S. Metzger, and V. Aquila
Published: Geosci. Model Dev., 7, 1137-1157
. Mortality of the scleractinian coral Cladocora caespitosa during a warming event in the Levantine Sea (Cyprus)
Authors: Jimenez, C, Hadjioannou, L., Petrou, A., Nikolaidis, A., Evriviadou, M., Lange, M.A.
Published: Reg. Environ. Change 14 (6)
. Simulated Air Quality and Pollutant Budgets over Europe in 2008
Authors: Im U., Daskalakis N., Markakis K., Vrekoussis M., Hjorth J., Myriokefalitakis S., Gerasopoulos E., Kouvarakis G., Richter A., Burrows J., Pozzoli L., Unal A., Kindap T., Kanakidou M.
Published: Science of the Total Environment, 470–471 (2014) 270–281
. On transition-zone water clouds
Authors: Hirsch, E., Koren, I., Levin, Z., Altaratz, O., and Agassi, E.
Published: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 14, 9001-9012
. Evaluation of MM5, WRF and TRAMPER meteorology over the complex terrain of the Po Valley, Italy
Authors: Gsella A., A. de Meij, A. Kerschbaumer, E. Reimer, P. Thunis, C. Cuvelier
Published: Atmospheric Environment, 89, 797-806
. Modeled global effects of airborne desert dust on air quality and premature mortality
Authors: Giannadaki, D., Pozzer, A., and Lelieveld, J.
Published: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 14, 957-968
. Global and regional impacts of HONO on the chemical composition of clouds and aerosols
Authors: Elshorbany, Y.F., Crutzen, P., Steil, B., Pozzer, A., and Lelieveld, J.
Published: Atmos. Chem. Phys. 14, 1167-1184
. Global risk from the atmospheric dispersion of radionuclides by nuclear power plant accidents in the coming decades
Authors: Christoudias, T., Proestos, Y., and Lelieveld, J.
Published: Atmos. Chem. Phys. 14, 4607-4616
. Aerosol-cloud interactions studied with the chemistry-climate model EMAC
Authors: Chang, D.Y., Tost, H., Steil, B., and Lelieveld, J.
Published: Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss. 14, 21975-22043
. Ground-based measurements of immersion freezing in the eastern Mediterranean
Authors: Ardon-Dryer, K. and Levin, Z.
Published: Atmos. Chem. Phys., 14, 5217–5231, 2014
. An improved glyoxal retrieval from OMI measurements
Authors: Alvarado, L. M. A., Richter, A., Vrekoussis, M., Wittrock, F., Hilboll, A., Schreier, S. F., and Burrows, J. P.
Published: Atmos. Meas. Tech., 7, 4133-4150