Products & Services

The Center provides a number of competitive products and services to both public and private clients.

Currently, our portfolio includes:

Miniaturised sensors

Including the testing, calibrating, and optimizing of cost-effective miniaturised sensors for atmospheric measurements.

Climate and Forecasting services

The provision of specific model applications for regional (high resolution) climate and forecasting services for key sector/s such as renewable energy, agriculture and tourism.

Training and Access to Research Infrastructures

The provision of expert support, training, and education, as well as privileged access to world-class research infrastructure available at CoE, that is unique in the EMME region.

Atmospheric Measurements

The provision of competitive services for atmospheric measurements (air sampling, chemical analyses).

Integration of sensors in UAS

Integration of prototype and commercial sensors in UAS for advanced atmospheric research.

Flights with atmospheric sensors

Performance of high-altitude and sophisticated-patterned flights with atmospheric sensors in the Unmanned Systems Research Laboratory’s (USRL) exclusive airspace at Orounda

UAS camera systems

3D documentation of diverse terrains and objects with complex geometry utilizing customized Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) camera systems

Bespoke UAS system development

Development of tailored-made ready-to-fly UAS systems for specific applications (upon request)