The “Unmanned Aerial System – Greenhouse Gas Tracker for Leak Detection and Emission Quantification of Methane” (UAS-GHG Tracker) project of CARE-C funded by Cyprus Seeds

CARE-C of The Cyprus Institute, has been awarded by Cyprus Seeds for Technological Innovation, for the project titled “Unmanned Aerial System – Greenhouse Gas Tracker for Leak Detection and Emission Quantification of Methane (UAS-GHG Tracker)” which will be implemented from January 2023 to June 2024 and leaded by the PI, Professor Jean Sciare, Director of CARE-C (Center of Excellence) at The Cyprus Institute with Co-PIs Ms Marina Papageorgiou CARE-C coordinator and Dr. Christos Keleshis Research and Development Scientist.

The UAS-GHG Tracker project, will combine advanced drone and sensor technologies to geo-locate leaks and quantify emissions of methane, a strong greenhouse gas, responsible for a third of global warming.

This environmental technology solution will enable key sectors (energy, agriculture, waste) to better comply with recently introduced, stringer regulations, in response to the Global Methane Pledge as well as contribute to green economy transition, while at the same time enabling additional financial benefits through the recycling of methane in the value chain.

The first Objective of the UAS-GHG Tracker project will be to develop the first-ever commercial solution to geo-locate CH4 leaks and quantify accurately their emissions. The proposed technological development will integrate a comprehensive suite of sensors, hardware, and software solutions that will contribute to a Minimum Viable Product with no equivalent in the market.

The second objective of the UAS-GHG Tracker project is to spin-off USRL so that the technology can be transferred timely to the private sector, and answer rapidly to the expectation of potential customers for the production of mini-series. This objective will benefit from the spin-off scheme of the CyI successfully implemented by its Innovation & Entrepreneurship Office as well as the mentoring/coaching offered by Cyprusseeds.