Signal from Canadian Wildfires detected in Nicosia

On 06/06/2023, the Nicosia CE376 lidar, a remote sensing instrument operated by the Cyprus Atmospheric observatory, one of the research infrastructures of CARE-C, at the Cyprus Institute, observed a layer with high backscattered signal at 12km. After checking the back trajectories of the air mass at this altitude, it is confirmed that this signal was transported from Canada.
This region is currently suffering from wildfires that started on May 27, according to the Canadian Wildland Fire Information System, and has since spread over nearly 250 square kilometres to become the largest wildfire in the province’s recorded history.

Figure 1- CE376 Total green signal on 06/06/2023
Figure 2 – Back trajectory of the layer seen at 12km (Source: HYSPLIT model)
Figure 3 – Active Fires US/Canada (Source: