Representation for Cyprus at the Interim ACTRIS Council (IAC)

IAC is currently defining at the European member state level the legal framework and the governance under which the ACTRIS Research Infrastructure will operate from 2020.

The results of the Expression of Interest (EoI) initiated in the framework of the 2016 ESFRI national (Cyprus) roadmap have been published on July 27th 2017. This EoI reported that the ACTRIS was ranked first of ESFRI projects at national level, illustrating the strong engagement of key public stakeholders and academics in this Research Infrastructure,
The ACTRIS “national facilities” currently operated by the Cyprus Institute provide critical information over Cyprus, which EU member state currently suffers from poor air quality due to long-ranged transported desert dust transported from the two largest deserts in the world (Sahara and Saudi Arabia) and air pollution from the Middle Air region.
Our current engagement in the Interim ACTRIS Council will warranty the best visibility and optimal integration of our national facilities in this pan-European atmospheric network.

ACTRIS labelled Atmospheric stations in Europe (with transnational access). Station #17 is the Cyprus Atmospheric Observatory (CAO); operated by the Cyprus Institute.