META-Sat: modelling of Emissions, Trends and Air quality, using Satellite measurements

METASat project develops and applies methodologies to utilize satellite data and provide the mathematical tools needed for studying the air quality in the region, and offer the data on the basis of which mitigation and adaptation strategies are developed. The work provides the atmospheric scientists at the Cyprus Institute (CyI) advanced theoretical and technical knowledge to utilize satellite data in air quality modelling. The use of current and next generation satellite information can open a new area in operational forecasting through i) updating emissions with up-to-date information from space, ii) providing initial conditions for the concentrations of the monitored pollutants for regional and local air quality forecasting and iii) identify and investigate significant atmospheric and chemical processes, both of continuous and episodic nature, with spatially and temporally consistent space monitoring. This supports national and regional authorities to improve awareness, preparedness, and implement control strategies. META-Sat (2018 – 2021) has received funding from the European Space Agency (ESA).

Funding: 220.000€

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