Main local and regional sources of pollution in Cyprus- research by CARE-C PhD student Elie Bimenyiamana

Preliminary results of research on identification and apportionment of the main sources of pollution in Cyprus, within the context of Elie Bimenyimana’s PhD project, Graduate Research Fellow of CARE-C at the Cyprus Institute were recently presented, as part of Mr. Bimenyimana’s comprehensive examination.

The results indicated that 40% of PM pollution (PM2.5) is emitted from local sources, and that percentage rises to 53-70% during wintertime. Furthermore, the main local sources of pollution in Cyprus are traffic emissions as well as biomass (wood) burning for domestic heating purpose, particularly during winter time, whereas the regional PM pollution affecting Cyprus originate from the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Turkey.

Mr. Bimenyimana’s PhD research project aims to provide the most comprehensive characterization of fine PM (PM2.5 and PM10) ever performed in Cyprus, addressing both the spatial and temporal distribution of the chemical composition of PM pollution in Cyprus, identify and apportion its main sources by means of receptor models, pinpoint their geographical origin (local versus trans-boundary), and interpret possible temporal (multi-year) trends. This experimental dataset – unique in the Eastern Mediterranean – will further be processed to obtain an accurate apportionment of the major sources responsible for PM pollution in Cyprus.

The respective contribution of local and regional emissions to this pollution will be further estimated over a large time scale (>10 years) allowing us to assess possible trends and their implications for the current Air Quality in Cyprus.

You can watch Mr Bimenyimana’s PhD comprehensive examination here