The Cyprus Climate Change Initiative on the Fifth Anniversary of Paris Agreement on Climate Change

19 December 2020

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The Cyprus Institute Graduate School – Scholarship Opportunities – Master’s Programs Ads 2021-2022

30 November 2020

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CyI Receives European Commission’s “HR Excellence in Research” Award

9 November 2020

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CARE-C Associate Professor George Biskos on new methods for detecting the presence of coronavirus in the air

6 November 2020

ANT1 TV “Mera Mesimeri” (video streaming)

CyI Receives Funding to Develop New Methods for Detecting the Presence of Coronavirus in the Air

30 October 2020

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New Study Co-authored by Prof. Jos Lelieveld Estimates Exposure to Air Pollution Increases COVID-19 Deaths by 15% Worldwide

27 October 2020

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Spin-off company GAIA co-led by CARE-C Assistant Professor Theodoros Christoudias ranked among top 5 submissions in Cyprus Seeds’ Second Funding Cycle

23 October 2020

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CyI-CyBC TV show “Science and Society” discussing climate change with Cyprus Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment

20 October 2020

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The Cyprus Institute hosts webinar on the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East Climate Change Initiative

15 October 2020

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Lauren Fabius in exclusive interview at CyI – CyBC TV show “Science & Society” on climate change with guest CARE-C Ass. Prof Panos Hadjinicolaou

9 October 2020

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Mosquito Alert app: CARE-C Researchers Part of an International Team Launching a Pan-European System to Monitor the Spread of Disease-Carrying Mosquitoes

7 October 2020

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Aerosol-based study of COVID-19 risk indoors, and the impact of preventive measures

22 September 2020

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Workshop on forging synergies between industry and scientific research organized for Industry Week

22 September 2020

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Dr George Zittis & Dr Panos Hadjinicolaou on Recent High Temperatures & Consequences of Climate Change

7 September 2020

CyBC TV (streaming video)
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Assoc. Prof. Panos Hadjinicolaou discussed how high temperatures relate to Climate Change

4 September 2020

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CyI Models Atmospheric Transport of Pollution After Explosion in Beirut

5 August 2020

Active Radio “Antzenta” Asst. Prof. Christoudias (streaming audio)
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Omega Tv “Enimerosi Tora” Dr Filippos Tymvios (video streaming)
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Alpha TV Asst. Prof. Christoudias (video streaming)
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SIGMA TV “Tomes sta Gegonota” (video streaming)
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Cyprus is witness to global warming

13 July 2020

Financial Mirror & News in Cyprus (pdf)

How the coronavirus pandemic slashed carbon emissions — in five graphs

20 May 2020

nature.com (external link)

The World Faces an Air Pollution ‘Pandemic’

4 March 2020

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Scholarship Opportunities for Master’s Degree Programs at CyI 2020-2021

28 January 2020

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Climate Change Initiative

24 January 2020

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Middle East is ‘the canary in the coal mine’ of climate change

7 January 2020

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