An emerging regional hub for environmental chemical analyses.

EMME-CARE will implement additional, advanced analytical techniques and develop training and services to become a regional hub for environmental chemical analyses. It will be supported by an ISOaccreditation level, which has now become a prerequisite for (EU regulated) air quality analyses. This facility will support the long-term atmospheric monitoring programme including field studies as well as the construction and long-term operation of a regional atmospheric network with high quality off-line gas and aerosol measurements.

ECL will be enhanced with multi-purpose liquid chromatography time-of-flight mass spectrometry facilities to detect a wider range of organic aerosol species and tracers at high resolution, as well as the capacity for off-line GHG (flasks) measurements and bioaerosol (pollen, bacteria, spores) speciation techniques.

Currently and until the construction of the new CARE-C Headquarters in the CyI Athalassa Campus, the ECL will be sharing laboratory space with the CyI Facility for Chemical Analyses (FCA).