Design study for setting up a greenhouse gas monitoring solution for Cyprus

The EMME-CARE Boost Project #2 workshop Design study for a GHG monitoring network in Cyprus, was held on the 18th and 19th May 2022 on hybrid form, at the CARE-C premises of the Cyprus Institute with representatives of Origins.Earth, Mr. Herve Utard, Chief Technical Officer and Mr. David Duccini, Chief Executive Officer, as well as with the participation of the Director of the CARE-C Prof. Jean Sciare, the Associate professors George Biskos, Theo Christoudias, Stratos Bourtsoukidis and the Instistute professor Philippe Ciais.

Origins.Earth, a member of the Suez Group, is an innovative company that has established in Paris a network of CO2 concentration sensors, an inversed atmospheric model and a near-real time spatialized prior emissions estimate to produce a monthly updated map of the CO2 emissions of the French capital city at 1km² spatial resolution.

In this EMME-CARE boost project and in close collaboration with the Climate and Atmosphere Research Center (CARE-C), Origins is producing a design study for setting up a greenhouse gas monitoring solution for Cyprus. The network is being designed to monitor the methane and carbon dioxide whole-island and city-scale emissions, dynamically map energy consumption patterns and not only GHG emissions, and highlight the benefit of more robust and cost-effective sensors for monitoring of co-polluted species.

During the two days of the workshop, the participants addressed important aspects of this work such as the prioritization of the emission sectors to monitor (energy production and consumption, road traffic, residential, tertiary, agriculture, waste), the monitoring network goal specification and optimization strategy, as well as the challenges related to the expansion and application of the methodology to neighboring EMME countries.