Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment, Department of Meteorology

The significance of open weather data is pivotal, fostering resilience, facilitating informed decision-making, and driving progress across various scientific sectors. This contribution ultimately plays a crucial role in enhancing the well-being and safety of individuals, as well as promoting the sustainable development of communities.

Therefore, the three-year (2024-2026) “Open Weather Data” project, a joint initiative between the Environmental Predictions Department (EPD) of CARE-C and the Cyprus Department of Meteorology (DoM), aims to develop and implement a web-based weather data portal. This platform is designed to provide open and freely accessible meteorological and climatological information to both the public and the scientific community. The Open Weather Data portal will facilitate the easy querying and retrieval of quality-controlled historical weather station datasets, high-resolution operational numerical weather forecasts, and radar weather datasets for Cyprus through a user-friendly web interface and an API platform.