Colloquium: Links Between Different Ecosystems, Clouds, and Climate- 8th of June, 2023 by Prof. Tuija Jokinen

On Thursday, 8th of June, 2023, Assistant Professor Tuija Jokinen of CARE-C at the Cyprus Institute delivered a Colloquium entitled Links Between Different Ecosystems, Clouds, and Climate.

The lecture focused on the development of highly selective methods for the detection of acidic and highly oxygenated aerosol precursor molecules and clusters, and also referred to the findings during various field campaigns and laboratory experiments having utilised these instruments to solve the mysteries behind particle formation. Lastly, the future aims in particle formation studies were presented.

It is of high importance to understand the details of aerosol formation and growth, since around half of Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN), which are aerosol particles formed from trace gases by condensation, are of secondary origin. CCN sized particles can affect cloud properties such as their reflectivity or precipitation.

You can watch the full colloquium on the Cyprus Institute’s official Youtube channel here