Climate Change and Weather Extremes in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East

Authors: Zittis, G (Zittis, G.); Almazroui, M (Almazroui, M.); Alpert, P (Alpert, P.); Ciais, P (Ciais, P.); Cramer, W (Cramer, W.); Dahdal, Y (Dahdal, Y.); Fnais, M (Fnais, M.); Francis, D (Francis, D.); Hadjinicolaou, P (Hadjinicolaou, P.); Howari, F (Howari, F.); Jrrar, A (Jrrar, A.); Kaskaoutis, DG (Kaskaoutis, D. G.); Kulmala, M (Kulmala, M.); Lazoglou, G (Lazoglou, G.); Mihalopoulos, N (Mihalopoulos, N.); Lin, X (Lin, X.); Rudich, Y (Rudich, Y.); Sciare, J (Sciare, J.); Stenchikov, G (Stenchikov, G.); Xoplaki, E (Xoplaki, E.); Lelieveld, J (Lelieveld, J.)
Published:Reviews of geophysics