CARE-C’s CAO school presentation for Earth Day

Members of the Cyprus Atmospheric Observatory (CAO) team at CARE-C of the Cyprus Institute, joined the effort of the Cyprus Research and Innovation Foundation – RIF, on the occasion of Earth Day 2024, to raise awareness about climate change and its impacts, by delivering a presentation on this topic to high school students.

Dr Michael Pikridas, associate research scientist at CARE-C, gave a presentation on “Climate change, air pollution, health impacts and other tales from the natural World”, which was prepared  in collaboration with technical research specialist Ms Nikoleta Lekaki and senior research affiliate Mr Filippos Tymvios, to students of the Archbishop Makarios III lyceum, on the 17th of April 2024.

The presentation was part of the programme ‘Researchers at Schools’ (“Ερευνητές και Ερευνήτριες στα Σχολεία”), which aimed to increase contact and interaction of primary and secondary students and educators with researchers from all research fields in Cyprus, enhancing students’ interest in the fields of science, research and innovation. At the same time, the programme aimed to highlight the importance and benefits of the work of researchers in various aspects of everyday life, as well as to promote research careers as an option for the future of students.