CARE-C, Senior Project Officer, Mrs. Andri Charalambous, participates at the ERA Action 17-1st ad hoc Workshop, as Chair of BESTPRAC Thematic Group

CARE-C, Senior Project Officer, Mrs. Andri Charalambous, in her capacity as Chair of BESTPRAC Thematic Group, was invited and participated to the ERA Action 17 – 1st ad hoc Workshop that was held in Brussels, on Thursday 16th March 2023.  ERA Action 17 (Research Management Initiative – Enhancing the strategic capacity of Europe’s public research performing and funding organizations), is implemented by the European Commission in collaboration with the member states. The aim of the Action is contribute to improve the European R&I system across the entire ERA, by strengthening the capacity for research management in Europe’s public research performing & funding organizations. More precisely, the Commission aims to develop solutions for the issues Research Managers and Administrators (RMAs) face all over Europe. The uneven distribution of RMA communities and expertise across the ERA, the need for training, upskilling, and networking opportunities for RMAs, and the lack of recognition of the RMA profession are some of the main issues that concern the specific Action.

By building capabilities in four crucial areas—upskilling, recognition, networking, and capacity building—the European Commission aims to increase the strategic ability of RMAs. Among others, the perspectives of the Action is to develop a shared understanding of Research Management roles and profiles, and encourage the creation of a European Skills Framework for RM. This will be accomplished by leveraging the support provided by current RMA groups. The role of the European commission in this case is to coordinate already-running projects (RM Roadmap, CARDEA), harmonize initiatives at the European level, and provide funding, which will be supplemented by Member States for activities at national level.

With the participation of almost 20 representatives and experts from University Alliances, Research Management Associations and RMA communities/networks, the first ad hoc workshop focused on how the recognition of Research Management Profession as a crucial success factor for excellent research support and outcomes that could be enhanced in both European and National Level.