CARE-C seminar on ultrafine particles in the atmosphere- a modelling perspective

On 26 July, 2023, Mr Matthias Kohl, a PhD student in atmospheric modelling, delivered a seminar on ‘(Ultrafine) particles in the atmosphere- a modelling perspective’ to CARE-C staff of the Cyprus Institute, which was held on hybrid mode, at the premises of the Institute.

During the seminar, Mr Matthias Kohl emphasised the need for more knowledge on global distributions of Ultrafine Particles (UFP), which can have a significant impact on public health and the hydrological cycle and how this need can be addressed through his current work, in collaboration with CARE-C and CASTOR-C researchers of the Cyprus Institute, on global simulations of UFP concentrations using the ECHAM/MESSy Atmospheric Chemistry Model (EMAC), including tropospheric and middle-atmospheric processes, and the modal aerosol microphysics submodel GMXe. Finally, he focused on how this model setup is extended to additionally represent aerosol processes in the free troposphere and the UTLS region, as a basis for studies on the abundance, composition, formation, transport mechanisms and optical properties of aerosols in the middle atmosphere.

Mr Matthias Kohl is a PhD student in atmospheric modelling at Max Planck Institute for Chemistry under the supervision of CARE-C Professor and Director at the Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, in Mainz, Prof. Jos Lelieveld. He holds a BSc in Physics, a BSc in Economic Science and an MSc in Physics by the University of Mainz. His master’s thesis was done in collaboration with CERN. He has previously worked as a Data Scientist/Product manager in a private IT start-up.