CARE-C at the 11th International Aerosol Conference in Athens

The Climate and Atmosphere Research Center (CARE-C) of the Cyprus Institute participated at the 11th International Aerosol Conference held in Athens from 5th to 9th September 2022.

The Center of Excellence participated at the Conference as an exhibitor with its own Booth, showcasing the latest technologies and innovation from the Center in the areas of Aerosol Science, as well as its research areas and research infrastructure. Through this approach CARE-C instigated conversations with Conference participants to raise awareness about its work and identify new opportunities for collaboration. 

CARE-C scientists also delivered presentations and posters during the five days of the conference, including:

Michael Pikridas: ATAS-19-02 | Primary sources of submicron organic aerosol in the Eastern Mediterranean. How and why are they different from the rest of Europe

Klito Petallidou: Stability of nanoparticle production by spark ablation

Somnath Bhowmick: Investigating the role of atomic clusters as a pathway for improving selectivity in Metal Oxide Semiconducting Gas Sensors by Density Functional Theory calculations

Minas Iakovides: Evidence of stockpile contamination for PCBs and legacy OCPs in the urban environment of Cyprus (Eastern Mediterranean): Influence of temperature/ wind speed on atmospheric levels variability and gas/particle partitioning based on equilibrium and steady-state models

Tuija Jokinen: Cyprus Atmospheric Observatory (CAO) network

Jonilda Kushta: Impact of Aeolus wind assimilation on modelling of mineral dust mobilization and transport over the Mediterranean

Charis Loizidis: Strong Increase of Spark Ablation Nanoparticle Production Efficiency and limits of the Llewellyn Jones Model

Nikoleta Lekaki: Performance evaluation of lightweight and cost-effective Parallel-Plate Differential Mobility Analyzers

Fabian Schmidt-Ott: Effects on the mass and mobility of ions from bipolar aerosol neutralizers when passed through conductive silicone tubing

Roubina Papaconstantinou: Calibration of low-cost Optical Particle Counters using the Random Forest machine learning algorithm

Maria Kezoudi: Evidence of oriented smoke particles in the atmosphere over Cyprus

Maximilien Desservettaz: Characterization of intense winter air pollution in Ioannina, Greece: Residential wood burning, VOCs and aerosols

Details about the conference and the presentations can be found at the official website of IAC 2022:

iac2022 – Hellenic Association for Aerosol Research