Dust Episodes Spell Climate Change & Climate Change Crisis Related Articles

9 May 2022

Financial Mirror & Politis & Alitheia & Politis (pdf) 

EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, Ms. Mariya Gabriel, and the Permanent Secretary of the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy, Dr. Stelios Himonas, Visit the CARE-C Center of Excellence and CyI

6 May 2022

OMEGA TV (video streaming)
CNA & Offsite & Dialogos & Reporter & Sigma Live & Nomisma & Cyprus News EU & Charavgi (pdf)
SIGMA TV (video streaming)
ALPHA TV (video streaming)

CARE-C, CyI Signs MoU with the Israel Meteorological Service (IMS) Focusing on a Better Understanding of Climate Change Implications in the EMME Region

2 May 2022

OMEGA TV (video streaming)
SIGMA TV (video streaming)
APLHA TV (video streaming)
CNA & Kathimerini & Sigma Live & Stock Watch & Dialogos & Brief & Politis & Fileleftheros & Omega Live & Filoksenos & Cyprus News EU & Palo & Nea Kypros (pdf)
Politis (pdf)

Prevailing Dust Over Cyprus – A Major Dust Event Hit Cyprus on April 3rd

6 April 2022

InCyprus & KNews (pdf)
CNA & Phileleftheros & Politis & InCy News & Brief & ANT1 & Paideia News & Dialogos & Cyprus News EU & Nea Kypros
CyBC “Proino Dromologio” – Dr Michael Pikridas 7/4/22 (audio streaming)
ANT1 TV – Dr Michael Pikridas 7/4/22 (video streaming)
ACTIVE Radio – Dr Michael Pikridas 7/4/22 (audio streaming)
Radio Proto – Dr Michael Pikridas 7/4/22 (audio streaming)
Foni Lemesos & Hellas Journal & Financial News & In Cyprus & KNews (pdf)

CARE-C USRL at Spiti sti Fysi CyBC TV Show

24 March 2022

CyBC “Spiti sti Fysi” (video streaming)

Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant, Dangers, and Air Quality in Cyprus – Interview with Assoc. Prof. Theodoros Christoudias

5 February 2022

CyBC TV “Brand News” (video streaming)

Ministerial Meeting for Climate Change Initiative

2 February 2022

PIO & Fileleftheros & Brief & Kathimerini & Sigma Live & Offsite & Omega Live & CyBC & Dialogos & Alitheia (pdf)
Fileleftheros (pdf)

Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant and Dangers – Interview with Assoc. Prof. Theodoros Christoudias

31 January 2022

Alitheia (pdf)

Climate Change in Iraq – Interview with Dr George Zittis

28 January 2022

Al Jazeera (external link)
Al Jazeera (pdf)

Air-conditioning and Future Needs Due to Climate Change – Interview with Dr George Zittis

28 January 2022

BBC Business Daily Podcast (audio streaming)