Interview of Prof. Papanicolas on Climate Change in the EMME region at CyBC’s “Saskia Unreserved”

14 December 2021

CyBC 14/12/21 (video streaming)

CARE-C’s USRL an intengral contributor in new collaboration between CyI, the University of Athens and the National Observatory of Athens, to Tackle Forest Fires in Cyprus and Greece

10 December 2021

CNA & Politis & Paideia News & StockWatch & Pafos Live (pdf)
CNA & In Business News & Ant1.com.cy & Alpha News Live & Reporter & Kathimerini & Paideia News & Cyprus Times & Brief & Zougla (pdf)
ANT1 TV 10/12/21 (video streaming)
Sigma TV 10/11/21 (video streaming)
Sigma TV 11/12/21 (video streaming)
OMEGA TV 12/12/21 (video streaming)
In Business & Ygeia Watch & InCY News & APE & eSOS & Pentapostagma.gr & Voria.gr & FlashStars (pdf)

Prof. Costas N. Papanicolas participates in discussion on Climate Crisis at ANT1 Webinar

24 November 2021

ΑΝΤ1 Webinar (video streaming)
ANT1 (pdf)
ANT1 Webinar full version (video streaming via Facebook)

Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organization’s (CAPO) Collaboration with CARE-C, The Cyprus Institute on Applications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

23 November 2021

ANT1.com.cy & PANT1.com.cy & PhileNews & AlphaNews.live & RIK News & Nomisma & Brief & Cyprus Times & Offsite (ANT1.com.cy & PhileNews & AlphaNews.live & RIK News & Nomisma & Brief & Cyprus Times & Offsite (pdf)

CARE-C’s amongst Seven CyI Projects Funded in RIF’s Latest “EXCELLENCE HUBS” Call

12 November 2021

CNA & PhileNews & Paideia News & InBusiness News & InCY & StockWatch & Cyprus Times (pdf)
Brief & GOLD news & CNA & PhileNews & Paideia News & InCY & StockWatch & Cyprus Times (pdf)

Climate Change in Cyprus and the EMME region

2 November 2021

PhileNews (pdf)
ACTIVE Radio 2/11/2021 (external link)
OMEGA TV 3/11/2021 (external link)
CyBC “Brand News” 07-11-21 (video streaming)
Al-Jazeera (external link)
Phileleftheros & 24h (pdf)
ANT1.com (pdf)
CyBC “Proino Dromologio” 16-11-21 (radio streaming)
Reporter (pdf)
ANT1.com.cy & PhileNews (pdf)
ΑΝΤ1 Webinar (video streaming)
ANT1 (pdf)

2nd International Conference: Climate Change in the Mediterranean and the Middle East: Challenges and Solutions

13-14 October 2021

Politis – radio interview (audio stream)
Cyprus Mail
SigmaLive & InBusiness News & Paideia News & InCy News & Palo (pdf)
ANT1 TV 13-9-21 (video streaming)
PhileNews & Active Radio 15-9-21 (pdf)
Zwaya.com (external link)
SIGMA TV “Protoselido” 20-9-21 (video steaming)
Alpha TV “Alpha Enimerosi” 27-9-21 (video streaming)
OMEGA TV “Enimerosi Tora” 29-9-21 (video streaming)
CyBC TV Brand News 3-10-21 (video streaming)
Sigma TV “Tomes sta Gegonota” 4-10-21 (video streaming)
Sigma Live (pdf)
Sigma TV “Mesimeri kai Kati” 6-10-21 (video streaming)
CyBC TV “Apo Mera Se Mera” 6-10-21 (video streaming)
Cyprus News Digest 8-10-21 (audio streaming)
Charq Awssat Journal (external link)
AlphaNews.live & Pafos Live & Pafos net (pdf)
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CyBC 13/10/21 (video streaming)
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CyBC TV 13/10/21 (video streaming) 
Al Quds Al Arabi (external link)
Alitheia & Cyprus Mail & Xaravgi & Politis & Fileleftheros & AlphaNews live & Politis & CNA & Omega Live & Cyprus Times & Dialogos & Ant1.com.cy & Taxidromos & Nomisma (pdf)
ALPHA TV 13-10-21 (video streaming)
ANT1 TV 13-10-21 (video streaming)
OMEGA TV 13-10-21 (video streaming)
CyBC TV 13-10-2021 (video streaming)
SIGMA TV 13-10-2021 (video streaming)

USRL Drones: Essential Tools in Authorities’ Efforts on Fire Prevention, Detection and Management

9 October 2021

CNA & Ant1.com.cy & Sigma Live & Kathimerini & Alphanews.live & PhileNews & 24News & Politis & Reporter & Cyprus Mail & Omerga Live & Cyprus Times & Pafos Live & Dialogos & In Cyprus & Larnaka Online & Offsite & Thema Online & Laimitomos (pdf)
Politis & Charavgi (pdf)
CyBC TV 9/10/21 (video streaming)
Sigma TV 9/10/21 – part 1 (video streaming)
Sigma TV 9/10/21 – part 2 (video streaming)
Alpha TV 10/10/21 (video streaming)
Alpha TV 11/10/21 (video streaming)
Sigma TV 11/10/21 – part 1 (video streaming)
Sigma TV 11/10/21 – part 2 (video streaming)
Phileleftheros & Alitheia & Cyprus Mail & CNA & Sigma Live & Reporter &  Paideia News & In Business News & Kathimerini & 24News & KNews & Cyprus Times & Ant1.com.cy & Offsite & ThemaOnline (pdf)
Politis & Stockwatch & Nomisma & Offsite & Filoxenos (pdf)
InCy News & Radio Proto (pdf)
CyBC TV 11/10/21 (video streaming)
CyBC TV 13/10/21 (video streaming)
ANT1 TV (video streaming)
SIGMA TV 19/10/21 (video streaming)
SIGMA TV 21/10/2021 (video streaming)
Sigma Live (pdf)
PhileNews (pdf)

Climate Crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East region

6 October 2021

CNA & PhileNews & Stock Watch & Alpha News.live & Politis & Dialogos & Ant1.com & Epixirimatiki & InCy News & In Cyprus (pdf) 
Ant1.com & Alpha News.live & Paideia News & Cyprus Mail & Taxidromos & Filoxenos (pdf)
ALPHA TV 06-10-21 (video streaming)
ANT1 TV 06-10-21 (video streaming)
CyBC TV 06-10-21 (video streaming)
SIGMA TV 06-10-21 (video streaming)
Omega TV 06-10-21 (video streaming)
PIO Photos (external link)

Climate Change Consequences in Cyprus

26 September 2021

Kathimerini (pdf)

USRL Drone Plays Pivotal Role in Extinguishing Fire Before Spreading

10 September 2021

Cyprus Mail & Alitheia & CNA & Ant1.com.cy & InBusiness News & Alpha News.live & Stock Watch & Cyprus Times & InCY News & Filoxenos (pdf)

Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment, Dr Costas Kadis on Forest Fires

22 August 2021

Phileleftheros (pdf)

Climate crisis; there is no time to waste

22 August 2021


Climate Crisis in Cyprus, Europe and the World

15 August 2021

Sigma TV (video streaming)

Cairo temperatures in Cyprus

14 August 2021


Prof. Jos Lelieveld Interview on “Middle East: Can the Plight of Bedouins Turn up the Heat on Climate Change?”

7 June 2021

Asiamedia (pdf)

Pollution from Europe’s Coal Plants Responsible for ‘up to 34,000 Deaths Each Year’

2 June 2021

Independent (pdf)
InBusiness News & AlphaNews.live & Paideia News & InCY News & Cyprus News.eu & Cyprus Times (pdf)
PhileNews (pdf)
ACTIVE Radio (video streaming)
Sigma TV (video streaming)
Ygeia Press (pdf)

Middle East and North Africa: Heatwaves of up to 56 degrees Celsius without Climate Action

28 April 2021

phys.org & 4state.alert & Green Report.it (pdf)

Earth Day 2021

22 April 2021

Radio Active “Atzenta” 15/4/21 part 1 (streaming audio)
Radio Active “Atzenta” 15/4/21 part 2 (streaming audio)
Alpha TV “Alpha Kalimera” 21/4/21 (video streaming)
Sigma TV “Mesimeri kai Kati” 21/4/21 (video streaming)
AlphaNews.live & Politis & Paideia News & Hello Cyprus & Gold News & Cyprus Times & Cyprus News.eu (pdf)
Capuccino (pdf)

Pollution from Europe’s Coal Plants Responsible for ‘up to 34,000 Deaths Each Year’

5 April 2021

Independent (pdf)

Cyprus Dust Clouds Sign of Climate Change

5 April 2021

Financial Mirror (pdf)

Article by Charalampos Theopemptou “The Air We Breathe Is Killing Us”

2 April 2021

Cyprus Mail (pdf)

EMME CCI Workshop

31 March 2021

Ygeia Watch & Pafos Live (pdf)
Paideia News & Filoxenos & Palo (pdf)

The Lurking Danger: Extreme Temperatures, Heat Stress and Forced Migration

29 March 2021

Alpha TV “Alpha Kalimera” 29/3/21 (video streaming)
Paideia News & Pafos Live & Cyprus Mail (pdf)
Sigma TV “Protoselido” 30/3/21 (video streaming)
Active Radio “Atzenta” 30/3/21 (audio streaming)
Cyprus Mail & Cyprus Times & Cyprus News.eu & News In Cyprus & Science Daily (pdf)

QEERI and CARE-C Establish Research Collaboration to Strengthen Environmental Hazard Risk Assessment in the Middle East

11 March 2021

Gulf Times & Zawya & HBKU (pdf)

Virtual sCYence Fair 2021

19-20 April 2021

AlphaNews.live & Paideia News & Hello Cyprus & Cyprus News.eu (pdf)
Alitheia (pdf)
Cyprus Mail (pdf)
Cyprus Mail & Cyprus News.eu (pdf)

Collaboration between CyI and the Department of Environment on Green Policies for Economic Recovery

1 March 2021

Philelefteros (pdf)
PhileNews (pdf)

CARE-C Assistant Professor Theodoros Christoudias gave an interview at Digital TV in “Agenda” TV show on the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant and Dangers

24 February 2021

Avant-Garde (pdf)

The Cyprus Institute’s Overview & Graduate School

19 February 2021

Phileleftheros Insider (pdf)
PhileNews & Kathimerini (pdf)
PhileNews (pdf)

EMME-CARE featured at CyBC environmental TV show

2 February 2021

Spiti sti Fysi (external link)

Antibodies to Misinformation Project on International Safe Internet Day

2 February 2021

PhileNews (external link)
e-thessalia.gr (external link)
paideia-news (external link)
offsite.com.cy (external link)
CNA (external link)
Adesmevtos (external link)
AMNA (external link)

New Weather Station in Troodos

28 January 2021

SigmaLive & CheckIn (pdf)