Prof. Jos Lelieveld Interview on “Middle East: Can the Plight of Bedouins Turn up the Heat on Climate Change?”

7 June 2021

Asiamedia (pdf)

Pollution from Europe’s Coal Plants Responsible for ‘up to 34,000 Deaths Each Year’

2 June 2021

Independent (pdf)
InBusiness News & AlphaNews.live & Paideia News & InCY News & Cyprus News.eu & Cyprus Times (pdf)
PhileNews (pdf)
ACTIVE Radio (video streaming)
Sigma TV (video streaming)
Ygeia Press (pdf)

Middle East and North Africa: Heatwaves of up to 56 degrees Celsius without Climate Action

28 April 2021

phys.org & 4state.alert & Green Report.it (pdf)

Earth Day 2021

22 April 2021

Radio Active “Atzenta” 15/4/21 part 1 (streaming audio)
Radio Active “Atzenta” 15/4/21 part 2 (streaming audio)
Alpha TV “Alpha Kalimera” 21/4/21 (video streaming)
Sigma TV “Mesimeri kai Kati” 21/4/21 (video streaming)
AlphaNews.live & Politis & Paideia News & Hello Cyprus & Gold News & Cyprus Times & Cyprus News.eu (pdf)
Capuccino (pdf)

Pollution from Europe’s Coal Plants Responsible for ‘up to 34,000 Deaths Each Year’

5 April 2021

Independent (pdf)

Cyprus Dust Clouds Sign of Climate Change

5 April 2021

Financial Mirror (pdf)

Article by Charalampos Theopemptou “The Air We Breathe Is Killing Us”

2 April 2021

Cyprus Mail (pdf)

EMME CCI Workshop

31 March 2021

Ygeia Watch & Pafos Live (pdf)
Paideia News & Filoxenos & Palo (pdf)

The Lurking Danger: Extreme Temperatures, Heat Stress and Forced Migration

29 March 2021

Alpha TV “Alpha Kalimera” 29/3/21 (video streaming)
Paideia News & Pafos Live & Cyprus Mail (pdf)
Sigma TV “Protoselido” 30/3/21 (video streaming)
Active Radio “Atzenta” 30/3/21 (audio streaming)
Cyprus Mail & Cyprus Times & Cyprus News.eu & News In Cyprus & Science Daily (pdf)

QEERI and CARE-C Establish Research Collaboration to Strengthen Environmental Hazard Risk Assessment in the Middle East

11 March 2021

Gulf Times & Zawya & HBKU (pdf)

Virtual sCYence Fair 2021

19-20 April 2021

AlphaNews.live & Paideia News & Hello Cyprus & Cyprus News.eu (pdf)
Alitheia (pdf)
Cyprus Mail (pdf)
Cyprus Mail & Cyprus News.eu (pdf)

Collaboration between CyI and the Department of Environment on Green Policies for Economic Recovery

1 March 2021

Philelefteros (pdf)
PhileNews (pdf)

CARE-C Assistant Professor Theodoros Christoudias gave an interview at Digital TV in “Agenda” TV show on the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant and Dangers

24 February 2021

Avant-Garde (pdf)

The Cyprus Institute’s Overview & Graduate School

19 February 2021

Phileleftheros Insider (pdf)
PhileNews & Kathimerini (pdf)
PhileNews (pdf)

EMME-CARE featured at CyBC environmental TV show

2 February 2021

Spiti sti Fysi (external link)

Antibodies to Misinformation Project on International Safe Internet Day

2 February 2021

PhileNews (external link)
e-thessalia.gr (external link)
paideia-news (external link)
offsite.com.cy (external link)
CNA (external link)
Adesmevtos (external link)
AMNA (external link)

New Weather Station in Troodos

28 January 2021

SigmaLive & CheckIn (pdf)