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CARE-C Director’s Office

The Coordinator of the EMME-CARE Project, Prof. Jean Sciare is currently the interim Director for a maximum period of two (2) years, until the relevant competitive recruitment process is completed.

The Director reports to the Management Board of the CoE and it’s Chair. The Director is appointed for a five (5)-year term (renewable) and bears the responsibility for leading, planning, implementing strategy, and managing the functioning and operation of the centre. In close collaboration with the heads of the different research and innovation departments, the Director defines the research, innovation and educational strategic planning of the centre for review by the Scientific Expert Panel and for final approval by the Management Board.

The Director is also responsible for drawing up the yearly budget of the centre, submitting it for approval to the Management Board, and overseeing its implementation. Finally, the Director reviews information on the progress of the Center projects, including the EMME-CARE project, according to the frequency defined in the Grant Agreements, examine that information to assess the compliance and, if necessary, propose modifications of the Consortium Plans to the Management Board.