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Facility for Chemical Analysis – FCA

Established in 2016, the Facility for Chemical Analyses (FCA), has the mission to provide Advanced Environmental Chemical Analysis services to the Research Centres of CyI, to (inter)national academic and research communities, and in certain cases to the public and private sectors.

FCA gathers the latest trace analytical techniques for environmental samples (atmospheric aerosols and gases, rainwater, etc) following international standard operating procedures that are required to comply with EU environmental directives. Combining high tech (mass spectrometer) instrumentation and a team of experienced engineers, FCA provides a large range of quality controlled chemical analyses relevant for Air and Water quality. FCA instrumentation is fully automated allowing the provision of chemical analysis of a very large volume of environmental samples in a timely manner.


FCA operates under the Vice-President for Research (VPR) of CyI, who is supervising all its activities and performance. The scientific priorities and the budget of the Facility are set by a Scientific Committee. Ex-officio members of the Scientific Committee are the Directors of EEWRC and STARC. The Director of EEWRC is the chair the Scientific Committee of the Facility.